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RICH AND CANDICE ROSE, Principal and Administrator/Teacher

アロハ! 私たちはリッチとキャンディス・ローズです。 私たちはハワイのホノルル出身で、2001年にクリスチャン宣教師として日本に移住しました。 私たちは埼玉県所沢市に住んでいて、2008年に府中に引っ越してこの学校を始めました。 2011年の春、神は私たちに現在の建物を与え、私たちの学校とスタッフを拡大しました。 2014年4月には、国際キリスト教小学校であるCCICSを開始する特権もありました。私たちは子供たちを自分たちの子のように愛しています。きなこ(喜慰子)という名前の9歳のゴールデンレトリバーがいます。 多くの人々の生活の一部となることは祝福でした。 生徒の家族と知り合うことを楽しみにしており、あなたと知り合うことを楽しみにしています。

Aloha!  Mr. Rich and Mrs. Candice Rose are originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Japan in 2001 as Christian missionaries. They lived in Tokorozawa, Saitama and moved to Fuchu in 2008 to begin this school. They have a 9 year old golden retriever named Kinako.  Mr. Rich enjoys BBQing, sports, and the Bible.  Mrs. Candice enjoys cooking, sports, and shopping. They love the children as if they were their own.  It has been a blessing to be a part of so many peoples' lives.  They enjoy getting to know their students' families and look forward to getting to know you. 

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Ms. Dahl Lee grew up in Iloilo City in the Philippines.  She moved to Okinawa in 2013, then came toTokyo in 2015 to teach at WGEF.  Ms. Dahl Lee is an energentic, creative, and patient teacher who loves teaching the children many things.  She enjoys traveling, sports, and snacks!



Born and raised in Kaneohe, Hawaii, Mr. Josh has travelled to Japan 4 times since he was 12 before moving to Fuchu in 2011 to help out with our school.  Mr. Josh loves the kids and is a fun teacher who takes care of the kids during Gakudo.  Mr. Josh can play the ukulele, guitar, and cajon.  He enjoys sports, the outdoors, and karaoke.


YOKO SATO, Administrative Assistant


Ms. Yoko was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  She has one daughter and two sons.  Her youngest son graduated from WGEFICPK and is currently attending CCICS.  Ms. Yoko, now a single mom, plays a vital role in the administrative office and works diligently to assist families eligible for the government assisted subsidy program.  Ms. Yoko enjoys the outdoors, taking long drives, and loves going to Beach and Okinawa.

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